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Here I would like to shed some light on the whole whoring world. Yes I did say world because it is just that. The "Myspace Whores" have their own community and their own set of rules. Before you learn all the rules you need to learn all the slang. They have their own language that may seem absolutely ridiculous to you and me, but makes perfect sense to them. Make sure you read the definitions carefully so that you won’t be left in the dark with your next whoring adventure.

Just go through the list and pick the slang you want to learn about!! It will take you right there. If you just want to see them all just scroll down!

♠  Whoring

♠  Add Me Button

♠  Whore Code

♠  URL

♠  Whore Button

♠  W4W

♠  Friend Count

♠  F.C.

♠  Information or Info

♠  Trian

♠  Mystery Train
♠  Picture (Pic) Train

♠  Link

♠  Friend ID or ID

♠  Swap

♠  Deleted

♠  Power Whoring

♠  Backup

♠  Myspace Whore

♠  Noob

♠  Personal Account

♠  Band Profile

♠  Comments

♠  Layouts

♠  DIV Layout

♠  Default Picture

♠  AIM Chat

♠  Promoting

♠  Home page

♠  Top 8

♠  Navigation Bar

♠  Bulletins

♠  Buddy List

Key Terms:

 1. Whoring - This is when you ask another person to post a bulletin that will add your account. They post it and their friends add you.

 2. Add Me Button- This is the button that is linked to your add me page. This is how people will be able to add you.

 3. Whore Code – This is your code that you give someone to post when you whore each other.

 4. URL – depending on what you are talking about this is basically just a link. People sometimes use it hen asking for you Picture URL which is for picture trains.

 5. Whore Button or Button – This is the button on you page that your friend who you are whoring with presses to whore you. This is a special code that will take you to a bulletin that is previously made to get you adds when posted.

 6. W4W - This means whore for whore. You say this to someone that you would like to whore with. It is a known term by everyone who knows about whoring and will be understood.

 7. Friend Count - Just what it sounds like. How many friends you have on your account.

 8. F.C. - Shorter term used for Friend Count.

 9. Information or Info – This is normally your Friend ID and your name. You get asked this when you are being invited to a train. On picture trains you will also be asked to give a URL to your picture.

 10. Tain - This is a great way to get friends. It is one bulletin with a group of peoples “add me” buttons on the post. Everyone that is on the train posts the bulletin at the same time and you all gain off each other at the same time.

 11. Mystery Train – This is a train that only has “add me buttons” one it. No names or any type of identification is on this train.

 12. Picture (Pic) Train – This is a train that shows a picture of the people you are adding.

 13. Link - Normally someone will ask “what’s your link?” this is referring to the link to your page. People like to have this so they can see who you are.

 14. Friend ID or ID - This is your Unique number given to your account. You can find it on your link to your page.

 15. Swap – This is another term for w4w.

 16. Deleted – A term used when someone has gotten their account deleted from myspace.

 17. Power Whore or Speed Post – This is a VERY effective way to make a lot of friends fast. A small group of people make one bulletin with all their “add me buttons” on it and post it as many times as they can for an hour or so. This is risky because deletion is at a higher risk, but is well worth it if you know the right people.

 18. Backup – this is a term used for an account that has a good amount of friends on it, but is basically something for a whore to fall back on incase their main account is deleted.

 19. Myspace Whore – This is a person whores and adds anyone to their friend list. They build a friend count for the sake of having a lot of friends. Usually a whore is someone with 20,000 or more friends.

 20. Noob – This is a person who does not know the ropes at all. They have a small friend count and makes it known to everyone that they have no clue what they are talking about.

 21. Personal Account – This is an account that is not used for whoring and is for friends only.

 22. Band Profile – This starts off as a normal account, but a band can go to the music section of myspace and register as a music account. This will allow you to play your own tracks and will get you in the music section of myspace which may help your band become known.

 23. Comments – This is a note you leave a person on their page.

 24. Layouts – This is the decoration on your page. This is how your page is set up and all the different HTML codes put together.

 25. DIV Layout – This is a layout that is a complicated HTML code that basically allows you to place your page in any arrangement you please. Most normal pages are all the same and is set by myspace, but a DIV layout is custom and can really make you stand out.

 26. Default Picture – This is the picture you use as your main picture.

 27. AIM Chat – This is where people gather up in an Aol Instant Messenger chat room and organize trains and speed posts. Sometimes it makes it easier to get peoples information.

 28. Promoting – This is a word that describes what whores do for bands, businesses, and websites. Posting bulletins and doing their best to get a product out there to the rest of the world.

 29. Home page – This is the page that it takes you to DIRECTLY after sign in. Most people mistake this for their actual page, but it is not that.

 30. Top 8 – This is an area for your friends. You can choose 8 friends you wish to have show up on your webpage.

 31. Navigation Bar – This is the bar at the top where you see such options as: HOME, Browse, Music, Movies, Search, etc.

 32. Bulletins – This is something that can be read by everyone on your buddy list. This is the most popular way of Myspace promotion and if used correctly can bring good results to your promotion efforts.

 33. Buddy List – This is basically the list of all the friends that you have added or accepted an add from on your account.


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