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This Page is meant to help regular Myspace Users understand what they can do to prevent spammers and hackers from getting into their accounts and using them at will. We will cover many areas like how to spot a scam, how to protect yourself and other cool things that you may have never thought about. Read carefully because these tips may help your protect your myspace login!!

Saftey Tips To Protect Your Myspace Login:
♠  Safe Passwords
♠  Safe Emails
♠  Profile Do's and Dont's

What To Look For When Loging Into Myspace:
♠  Signing into Myspace
♠  Bulletin Scams

What To Do When Your Myspace Login Has Been Stolen:
♠  Geting Help Getting Your Myspace Password Back
♠  What You Can Do To Stop The Hacker

Think you have fallowed Bumline's guide to safety? Put this on your Myspace layout to show your friends what you have learned!

Make sure your friends know all about Myspace Login Safety. Post a bulletin to all your buddies telling them what's going on.


Safe Passwords:
This is a very important part of Myspace Safety. Picking a good Myspace Login does not mean picking a word that you can remember or something that you can remember and no one would ever think of. Hate to say it people but these hackers are good. They have programs that READ YOUR MYSPACE PASSWORD. So even if your think the word is unthinkable to anyone else, its not. An effective Myspace password is usually something that isnt even a word. A combination of letters and numbers is always effective when making an unhackable password. Another thing you need to remember is that your Myspace Login Should be aroun 10-15 characters long. This may seem like a huge task and that you may never be able to remember a password that long, but you will be glad you did it after all your friends Myspace accounts were taken over by hackers and spammers.

Examples of Good Passwords (Please dont use these. They are ONLY examples)


Safe Emails:
A lot of people over look the email portion of setting up a safe account. By having an easy email or by using a personal email you have given the spammer/hacker half of what they need to get from you. So when setting up your account DO NOT use a personal email account. If you are a person who likes to get notifications about when you get mail then I suggest making an email JUST for Myspace and nothing else. The less people know about your email the less likely it will be discovered. Also when you make the new email address, make sure you make it long and with mixed characters. Like passwords, the email can be just as hard to crack if it is long and doesn't conform to any noticable pattern.

Another thing to remember is that your Myspace Login email should NOT have the same password as you will use for your Myspace account. The password for your new email account should be different from the password on your Myspace Account. Again, make sure this email password is long and jumbled like the other passwords.

Examples of Good Passwords (Please dont use these. They are ONLY examples)


Do's and Dont's:
♠ Do set your account to private. This will decrease the chance that anyone can get personal information about you and posibly any of your Myspace Login Information.
♠ Do get a new email that is used ONLY for Myspace. Diminishing the chances a person will know your email and use it against you in the future.
♠ Do change your password every few weeks. This will keep peope guessing if they are trying to hack your Myspace Login Information.
♠ Do tell yours friends RIGHT AWAY when you see suspicious bulletins being sent from their accounts. This will decrease the chance of your getting tricked by one of their scams.
♠ Do download FireFox as your browser. If has better security and will make it that much harder for a hacker to take your Myspace Login Information than if you were on Internet Explorer.

♠ Don't Use the same password for multiple things. They get your login info for one thing then they will have it for everything else as well.
♠ Don't click on URLs or links that your dont recognize. A lot of times people hide links and make their own sites with Myspace template on it so you think your are still on Myspace. Its a scam.
♠ Don't give your information to anyone you dont know (obvious).
♠ Don't leave yourself logged in at school or anywhere else that is not your home computer. it is even safer to log off at home as well when you are not using Myspace.
♠ Don't constantly log in and out. If you cant log into Myspace then just stop and wait a few min. Myspace must be slow or offline SO let it be and stop giving hackers chance after chance to steal information.
♠ Don't believe a person if they say they are a moderator for Myspace because they are not. Specially dont believe them when they ask for your information. They are mods, they can get your information if they want to by themselves.
♠ Don't bug Myspace if you get hacked. 98 times out of 100 they will just DELETE the account if they know the owner isn't real. I would first try to get back into it and do all you can to do it yourdelf. If that fails then go to Myspace for help.
♠ Don't try to win free things. Its just a free peak into your information. Nothing is EVER free.
♠ Don't get weird people angry. Sounds odd, but lots of people know hackers and are willing to get them on your for the dumbest reason. Dont need to act tough on the internet, it will only get you in trouble.


Signing Into Myspace:
When signing into Myspace there are a few things that you should remember. First thing you want to make sure is that you look up in your window at the URL or Link. MAKE SURE IT IS A MYSPACE LINK AND NOT A LINK FROM ANOTHER SITE. People make their own sites and put the codes in it to make it look like a login page for myspace. This is a scam and this will steal your information (read more about this scam at Bulletin Scams). So make sure that you are paying attention to what site your on because sometimes you are not on Myspace when you think you are. Also when you are logging in, dont click the SAVE PASSWORD button. This will keep the password out of your cookies and off of your computer. All of this is to keep your Myspace login information out of the wrong hands.


Getting Help Getting Your Myspace Password Back:
Most of the questions I recieve from friends are the ones asking about what they can do to get rid of a hacker and regain control of their accounts. This is a hard question to answer because once you have been locked out of your account, its nearly impossible to get your account back.

You can, however, notify Myspace through their Myspace Support ( you can find this link at the bottom of any page under "Contact Myspace" ).

Fallow these steps:
Step 1: You'll see a field that says SUBJECT. Next to the word SUBJECT you will see a rectangular box with an arrow on the side pointing down. Press that arrow and click on "YOUR ACCOUNT".
Step 2: Under the rectangular box you just used there will be another rectangular box. Click this one and choose "Cannot Login". Then SUBMIT the form.
Step 3: It will try to give u an explanation even before you write them. This may or may not answer your question. If their explanation does not help you then press the button that says "No, email customer service".
Step 4: Fill out all the fields appropriatly. When you tell them about your problem, make sure your tell them exactly whats going on. If your explanation is not detailed enough then they will not be able to help you.

A couple possible outcomes are:
1) They make you take a picture of yourself holding a sign saying that you are who you are. This will prove your account is yours and allow them to change the password to what you ant it to be.
2) They will not respond
3) They will delete your account because they can not determain whose it is and the person using it must be breaking rules if there are people fighting over the account.
4) Your account will forever be spamming all your friends with bulletins about free ringtons lol.


What Can You Do To Stop A Hacker:
If your are one of the lucky ones who can still get into their account after a spammer or hacker has had your information then you have a few options. First you MUST change your password. The majority of the time these people arent picking on you. They are picking on anyone who comes to them. This means that if you change your password they will most likely NOT return and try to get your Myspace Login information again. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD. Also get a new email. Incase the person does come for your account again, then you have taken away a piece of information they already have. The point is to make it as hard as possible for a hacker to get your Myspace Login Information.


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