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- Social Website Account Chart:
Do you have Myspace, Facebook, Stickam, Friendster, Hi5 or another other Account for that matter? This chart will allow you to show off all your profiles in one little chart!!!

- Make Your Glitter Graphics:
This is where you can create you own Glitter Graphics. Have them look the way you want and say what you want them to say. Fallow 4 easy steps and you are on your way

- Full Layout Maker:
Here you are able to make your layout EXACTLY how you want it. Preview how it looks and dont stop until your ABSOLUTLY happy!

- Comment Box:
People HATE scrolling down a pae to fine the "add comment button". Save your friends some time and get a custom Comment box to match your Myspace layout.

- Countdowns:
This is a cool thing that allows you to countdown to a specific date like a birthday or a holiday! Customize yout countdown with tons of choices!

- Falling Objects:
Want something falling from the top of your page? Want some hearts or maybe some stars? Well now you can do all that with the falling text generator!

- Slideshow:
This generator allows you to put slideshows on your Myspace Layout. Now you can show a bunch of picts to all your friends without taking up so much space.

- Whore Me:
Want more friends? I bet you dont have a code yet. Well now you can make a whore me code in seconds. Pimp it out and get TONS of friends!

- Scrollbar Colors: We get colorful pages and then we get those blah scrollbars. NOW you are able to match the scrollbars with the colors on your Myspace layout.

- Custom Banners:
Make your own banners that you can place anywhere on Myspace. Have your friends put them up and you can get tons of people to come to your page!


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